Tuesday, February 23, 2010

March Auction Schedule

The winter has been punishing with all the snow, and always seems long by March. The auction schedule this month is terrific and will provide some respite to the weather. I have some high and low choices below and different styles, so there should be something for everybody, even if only doing some web surfing of on-line catalogues.

Doyle Auctions, New York
  • March 10: Doyle @Home. Preview March 6 - 9. This is the 'decorating' auction, and often has good finds.
  • March 22: Asian Works of Art. Preview March 19 - 21. This falls in to the category of a more specialized auction with many of the items well beyond our price range. We love Asian art and will go to look, but there will be many bidders with a lot more knowledge to 'invest' than us. 
Doyle: Sino-Tibetan Buddha Est. $5,000 - $7,000

Bonhams New York

Bonhams has a good presence in San Francisco and Los Angeles as well as I'll give an example of upcoming auction in San Francisco below. 
  • March 10 (New York): Africa Now: African Modern and Contemporary Art. Previews March 5 - 10. This also looks like a specialists auction, but very interesting. We just don't know anything about the contemporary African art and would be out of our depth to bid given the prices in the catalogue. We'll go to enjoy and learn more about contemporary African art and artists. 
Bonhams: Muraina Oyelami Est. $2,000 - $3,000
  •  March 16 (San Francisco): Asian Works of Art. Preview March 12 - 14.
Swann Galleries, New York
  • March 9: 19th and 20th Century Prints and Drawings. Preview March 4 - 8. No on-line catalogue available yet. 
  • March 23: Fine Photographs. Preview March 18 - 23. 
Tepper Galleries, New York
  • March 12 and 13: Estate Auction. Preview March 10 and 11. We have not yet been to this auction house, but it was recommended by a friend who has bought items to decorate her apartment in the past. She tells us it's a lower end auction, and we'll make a point of checking it out. The upcoming estate auction has no detail on line as yet. 

Stair Galleries, Hudson, NY
  • March 12: Exposition auction: Modernism - 20th Century and Contemporary Furniture, Decorations and Fine Art. Preview March 5 -12. The last 'Exposition' auction we placed a bid for some items was just in February. There were a lot of good deals. We'll make a point of going to this one, and maybe in person to the auction!
Copake Auction, Copake, NY
  • March 6: Unreserved Catalogued Estate Sale. Preview March 4 - 6. We heard about Copake Auctions from a friend who's been following my blog. He says it's pretty low end and often the items don't look quite as good in person as on-line, but we have to try it. They seem to have interesting things and very good prices. 
New Orleans Auction/St. Charles Gallery
  • March 20 - 21: Estate Auction. There are no details on this as yet, but we've had good luck with New Orleans Auction, and they will provide condition reports if you are interested in something. We bought a few things remotely and have been happy so far.We'll check their web site closer to the date to see what they have.
Christie's New York

Christie's has almost too many auctions to list. The link above will take you to the March calendar.  I'll just note the next Interiors sale because it's the more affordable offering. The others would be fun to go to for art and education!
  • March 2 and 3: Christie's Interiors. Preview February 26 - March 3. This is another of their lower end 'decorating' sales. The last one we went to had some very interesting things and we know that several that we'd looked at went for less than the low estimate. So, it's time to go again and see what they have!
 Christie's: Bernard Cathelin $800 - $1,200

Sotheby's New York

This is the link to the Sotheby's New York March calendar. They have seven auctions going on in March ranging from Contemporary art to Chinese, Indian, and Impressionists. Just to pick one that might be fun:
  • March 17: Important 20th century Design. Preview March 12 - 16.  This looks to have a great selection of 20th century furniture and lighting with prices to match!
Sotheby's: Louis Marjorelle Desk Est. $9,000 - $12,000

    Wright Auctions, Chicago

    We have developed an interest in mid-century modern art, decoration and furniture. I had seen Wright auctions mentioned a number of times in decorating magazines, and look at the web site periodically. They are well known in the mid-century market. I have used it more as an education on specific designers and pricing by reviewing past auction results. Always interesting things to look at if this is an area of interest for you.
    • March 23: Modern Design. Preview 15 - 24 March. On-line catalogue not yet available.It would be interesting to compare with the Sotheby's one noted above.
    Philips de Pury, New York
    • March 4: Contemporary Art Evening Sale. Preview Feb. 27 - March 4. This is definitely not up my alley, but going to the previews can be fun people watching and a great view of the High Line.
    Philips de Pury: George Condo, Est. $80,000 - $120,000

    There's a lot going on in March, and we'll need to be selective on where we go. There just isn't enough time in the day! We'll at least take a look at the catalogues on-line even if we can't go in person.


    1. Katherine, it's a great blog thus far and congratulations. But you've missed us, Clarke Auction of Larchmont. We've been here 11 years and get great things - bargains as well as as world record prices. In fact,we're featured this month in WESTCHESTER magazine. There's another monthly auction tonight, Monday March 1st, and we're 20 minutes from NYC via railroad or car. Tom Curran www.ClarkeNY.com

    2. Ironically, I now see that you highlighted one of Stephanie Hoppen's books in your resources links. We sold a large collection of paintings, furniture, and decorative arts sourced from Ms Hoppen in a Fall 2010 sale.


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