Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wicked wicker!

I have to say that I often think of wicker in the grand motherly sense. It seems very old fashioned in a fuddy duddy sort of way (BTW my husband doesn't agree!). But, I was taken by the wicker I saw today at the Stair Galleries auction preview in Hudson, NY. It came from an estate in Stockbridge, MA and there is a good sized collection of interesting wicker design.

 House Beautiful - Designer: Tom Scheerer

This house in Maine designed by Tom Scheerer illustrates the classic use of wicker in a Summer porch. very welcoming!

This is the lot that first caught my eye. The wicker design is so unusual and, daresay, I say chic! This is Lot 40 in the Stair Galleries auction June 10th. It has an auction estimate of $300 - $400. Instant patio room!

I love the wicker weave! This is a detail of one of the chairs in Lot 40.

This chair is included in a larger lot in the auction that is estimated at $200 - $300 for a number of other pieces. The peacock fan style back is wonderful.
 This is in the same lot as the one above. I think it has quite a sophisticated design.

This rocking chair is included in Lot 38 which has two rocking chairs, an armchair and two tables with an auction estimate of $300 - $600 for the group. This conjures up lazy Summer days on the porch watching the world go by!

Finally Lot 42 is another instant room for an estimate of $300 - $400 for the whole set of a sofa, two armchairs, three tables and a magazine rack! I could also see this in a child's room.

 From the blog Eclectic Revisited

Wicker is quite versatile in terms of design use. It can be used outside on a patio or porch, or inside in a casual room. It works in the bedroom, and would be a great way to furnish a child's room on a budget.  I like the idea of painting it black and getting some great cushions which would dress up the set.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Antique breakfast tables are more than just for breakfast!

I have always love a good antique breakfast table. They are great for small dining areas, and in a pinch they often tilt so that they can be moved against a wall and out of the way. We have a lovely round banded Regency breakfast table for the dining area of our New York apartment.

 House Beautiful - Designer Eric Cohler

The designer, Eric Cohler, decorated his small New York apartment with this lovely round table for the dining area which would sit four, and a very cozy six!

Auctions are a great place to find breakfast tables.

This beautiful example has it all - great oval shape, beautiful banded mahogany, and it tilts when you are having a party and need it out of the way! This is Lot 36 in the June 4th and 5th auction at New Orleans Auction. It is Regency style, measures 47" diameter and width from 67.5" to 12", and has an estimate of $1,800 - $2,500. 

This lovely German 19th century walnut breakfast table sold at a Christie's auction in New York for $!,250 off an auction estimate of $1,500 - $2,000. It's on the small side at 40" in diameter, but still makes a nice cozy dining solution for four people, or could be used as a center hall table.

This early 19th century English mahogany breakfast table measure 42" x 35". The top tilts, and it would make a great table for a small dining area in a larger living room. It sold at a Christie's auction in New York for $500 off an auction estimate of $2,000 - $3,000. This could even make a nice desk.

Bonhams has an auction coming up in San Francisco May 22nd with a couple of nice tables. This one is a Regency mahogany breakfast table which tilts. It measures 5" x 35". It's a a very nice size and could sit six. It is Lot 3361 and has an auction estimate of $800 - $1,200.

The Bonhams sale also include this round George III mahogany tilting breakfast table. It's a nice 48.5" in diameter and could sit six. It is Lot 3325 and has an estimate of $1,800 - $2,000.

Breakfast tables are the perfect small dining solution, and an antique one can be found for a reasonable price. Give your dining area elegance no matter how small!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Antiques make a contemporary space!

I love the way Darryl Carter uses antiques in wonderful contemporary spaces. He keeps it clean, but with lots of interest.

Darryl Carter

Elle Decor - Darryl Carter

The antiques he uses have lots of character, and often have a weathered look. No over refurbishing! Just let them speak for themselves. I think one of the trick is lots of white in the walls and upholstered furniture, letting the antiques pop in the space. 

Auctions are great for finding interesting pieces with a weathered look at often great prices. Here are just a few ideas.

This mirror is a mahogany neoclassical style mirror. It's 41" tall and would be great leaned up on a console table like in the first Darryl Carter photo. It sold at a Doyle New York auction for $325. I like it's simplicity of style which let's the wood and the little decoration that there is do the speaking.

Darryl Carter used a hunt table to great effect as a desk in the second photo above. This George III style mahogany hunt table was sold at a Christie's New York auction for $600. Makes a great desk.

The convex mirror also in the second photo is a classic. This 19th century English giltwood version sold at a Christie's auction in New York for $500.

Darryl Carter often uses a wing chair of his own design, as in the first photo. But auctions often offer wing chairs and this 19th century Victorian version sold at a Stair Galleries auction in Hudson, NY for $325, and it's already upholstered in white!

Auctions have lots of console tables on offer. For a Darryl Carter look I like this New York late classical mahogany card table. It has a great shape, and would stand out against a white wall. You could have bought this at a stair Galleries auction for $100!

Darryl Carter uses antiques to wonderful effect in contemporary design, giving the room depth and character. He's not afraid to use pieces that might be a bit worn or shabby. It just adds interest! Auctions are great for finding antiques at great prices if you are opportunistic!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Add some Americana with a quilt

With Memorial Day coming up I have been thinking Americana! Quilts are quintessentially American (while other countries made them as well), and add fabulous color and graphic design to any home decor.

House Beautiful - Designer: Leslie Klotz

In this bedroom almost devoid of color, the quilt adds a punch of graphic design. 
Architectural Digest - Designer: Karin Blake

The designer Karin Blake collects folk art, and mixes them in to a wonderfully contemporary decorating style. In this photo a circa 1890 Amish quilt adds great color and interest to this stair hall.

Copake Auctions in Copake, NY almost always includes a great selection of quilts at affordable prices. There upcoming Americana auction on May 14th is no exception. 

I love this blue and white 19th century quilt. I epitomizes the American craft, with eagles included in the design. It is dated 1854, and measures 84" x 92". This is Lot 72 and has an auction estimate of $150 - $250.

Blue and white always makes a chic design scheme, so think of throwing this over the back of a white sofa for a great effect.

The colors in the star patterned quilt would add pop to any room. This is a 19th century Pennsylvania quilt, measuring 82" x 84". It is Lot 93 and has an auction estimate of $250 - $350.

I'm drawn to geometric designs! This blue and white 19th century quilt would look terrific on a wall, or hanging over a stairway banister. It has a very modern feel. This is Lot 128, measures 74" x 82", and has an auction estimate of $400 - $500. 

Red and white is another great color combination for a bright room design. This is a 19th century quilt with a touching stars design. It measures 80" square, and has an estimate of $300 - $500.  This is Lot 140.

I guess I'm falling for blue and white today! I just love the leaf design on this 19th century New York State quilt. This is Lot 131, measure 84" x 88", and has an auction estimate of $400 - $500.

If you have a blue and white themed room, or are thinking of creating one, adding one or two of these quilts would make a big graphic design statement. You would only some white upholstered furniture, and the quilts would draw all the attention. Add some blue and white porcelain and you would have a terrific room.

I wouldn't want an all Americana room, but one or two pieces, including a great graphic quilt, would be right up my alley!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

More Mark Hampton style 'at auction'

Following on the blog just past, Stair Galleries in Hudson, NY has their catalogue on line for their May 13th sale of 'Property from a Connecticut home designed by Mark Hampton'. The auction estimate price points are a bit more attainable!

Designer: Mark Hampton

Mark Hampton's style is the American version of English country. It's so very comfortable looking, and never stiff. 

A chaise longue is a nice addition to a living room. It doubles as a sofa, and a wonderful place to read. This is Lot 125 in the Stair Galleries auction with an estimate of $500 - $700. 

I love this Victorian rosewood etagere. It's so smart for display and books. The tapered style make this a great decorative piece of furniture, and so much better than a plain bookcase. This is Lot 55, it stands 54" tall, and has an estimate of $300 - $500.

A canterbury is the best for magazines! This Edwardian Anglo-Japanese bamboo and lacquer version is Lot 74, and has an auction estimate of $200 - $300. Put this next to the chaise longue for easy access to a good read.

This Regency brass inlaid rosewood games table makes a very chic console. Put this along the wall in the living room, or in the entryway. This is Lot 57 with an auction estimate of $800 - $1,200. Be creative with the tableau on top - add a pair of obelisks and a vase of flowers, and a wonderful mirror on the wall!

Another option for topping the table would be this Victorian painted cast iron and tin birdcage. This would add some chic 'architecture' to the tableau. This is Lot 132 with an auction estimate of $300 - $500.

If you have a small entryway, or want to create one where none exists, this Victorian painted cast iron and marble hall stand is a fabulous solution. This has everything you need - a small table for mail, a mirror, and an umbrella stand. The decorative detailing is wonderful. This is Lot 104 with an auction estimate of $300 - $500. 

Mark Hampton was a classic designer who created rooms that you want to enter and make yourself at home. Create some of his look at the upcoming auctions at Christie's New York and Stair Galleries in Hudson, NY.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Own some Mark Hampton style!

Mark Hampton (1940 - 1998) is another classic designer with pieces from interiors he designed coming up at auction. Stiar Galleries has an auction of the Interior of a Connecticut House May 13th, and Christie's has a Park Avenue Interior on June 6th in New York.

Both photos from Architectural Digest of Mark Hampton interiors

Photo via the blog Style Beat

His interiors stand the test of time, in my view, and he wasn't afraid to use color. Note the brown walls in two of the rooms. 

Stair Galleries hasn't posted their on-line catalogue yet, but here are a few items from their preview.

They have some very smart pieces in the May 13th auction. It's an Exposition auction, which means no reserves. I would anticipate much lower price points than the Christie's auction.  I love the bird cage. It's such a chic architectural model of sorts. 

The Christie's  catalogue is full if photos from the actual rooms that the pieces came from. Makes it fun to see them in situ. 

In this dining room the chairs are Lot 112, and include a set of 16 ebonized and parcel-gilt chairs. They have an auction estimate of $8,000 - $12,000. The dining table is Lot 113. This is a mahogany and parcel-gilt twin pedestal table with an auction estimate of $3,000 - $5,000. It has two additional leaves.

This console tableau includes a pair of Italian mottled red and white grained, and black marble veneered obelisks. These are Lot 117 and have an auction estimate of $4,000 - $6,000. Lot 118 is a George IV rosewood and parcel-gilt breakfront cabinet, circa 1925 and adapted. It has an auction estimate of $8,000 - $12,000.

In this scene, the mirror is a Regency giltwood and ebonized convex mirror. It is early 19th century but also has some carving of a later date. This is Lot 1 and has an auction estimate of $4,000 - $6,000. The table is an early 19th century Regency ebonized and parcel-gilt center table with a marble top. This is Lot 2, with an auction estimate of $4,000 - $6,000. These two items will set the tone of the auction. I love the look, and just add the topiaries to finish tableau.

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