Saturday, February 6, 2010

Going to an auction preview & exploring the Meatpacking District

We recently moved back to New York City from London. We were away for 5 years, and while we visited fairly often, the City has moved beyond what we left 5 years ago. And that's what makes it fun being back!

Something we've always enjoyed is exploring different neighborhoods in NY. We decided to visit the Meatpacking district along with the High Line park. But what to do, other than wander around. We were searching for more auction options and found that Phillips de Pury auctions had moved to that area, so that formed our anchor for the day's visit to the neighborhood.

Phillips specializes in contemporary art, and is located at 450 West 15th Street. The scene at the preview was very cool. They served drinks at several champagne bars, had music playing, and most of those wandering the galleries were dressed in hip downtown black. The art was out of our price range, and maybe mostly out of our taste range too, but it was lots of fun.

One of the gallery floors overlooks the High Line, and this added to the 'scene'. We could have hung out there for a while and nibbled on snacks, but we decided to wander the neighborhood.

The High Line is a must. It's the best urban park I've ever been to. It's a wandering garden on elevated train tracks, and the street and river are part of the theater of it. There's actually a theater-like seating area looking to a big plate glass opening over the avenue, making entertainment of watching the traffic and the people going about their day below.

We ate at Spice Market at 403 West 13th Street, which was great. I love Asian fusion food, and also the cool crowd.

If you take the High Line and walk north you will end up in Chelsea. There's an exit at West 20th Street. If you still have the energy starting at West 19th Street and going up to West 28th Street is the Chelsea art gallery district. The link has a map of the galleries and what's on at each. There's art for everyone!

This might be an outing in itself, and look for show openings where you can spend an evening wandering the galleries and be served free appetizers and wine!

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