Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Auctions this week - results

To my surprise both Doyle's and Christie's went ahead with their auctions today (Feb. 10). There is quite the blizzard in New York, and they wouldn't have had the attendance. That might say something about how many of their bids come in remotely.

In reviewing the Doyle's result, I'd say that in general they looked on the low side with many coming in under or near the low estimate range. There looks to be quite a few bargains. However, the painting we liked (Lot 40) went for $2,250, while the estimate was $800 to $1,200. I'm glad we didn't go!

Quite a bit of the furniture seemed to go for bargain prices. In my opinion, buying furniture at auction is by far the least expensive way to buy, and far below retail - old or new. This table sold for $480!

Doyle's: George III Style Dining Table. Est $700 - $1,000. Sold for $480.

My husband was interested in a mahogany bagatelle table. I had no idea what this was, but he tells me it's like a small version of pool and popular in English bars.

Doyle's: Mahogany  bagatelle table. Est. $500 - $700. Sold for $325 ($406 with buyers premium)

He's disappointed he missed it. 

At Christie's the painting I liked (previous blog) that was estimated at $500 - $700 went for $2,750! Obviously others liked it as well. 
Several other items we had looked at sold for well over the estimates like this sculpture. 

Christie's: Bronze 'crows' (signed). Est. $1,000 - $1,500. Sold for $10,625!

There were also many good buys to be had. I picked this table out as an example.

Christie's: Burr birch and ebonized center table. Est $1,500 - $2,000. Sold for $688 (including premium). 

You just can't tell what will be a bargain, and what will fly by you when the bidding starts. The trick is to know your limit and not get too emotionally attached to an item. There will always be another auction!

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