Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Decorating Modern - Part 1 Living Rooms

I have developed a real interest in a more modern furniture and decor. This leads me to the challenge of finding pieces offered at auction that would fit a modern aesthetic, and maybe not break the bank. I thought I'd go room by room and 'decorate' it with pieces from future or past auctions. See what you think.

Let's start with the living room:

Wright Mass Modern Auction July 10 - Lot 135

These cool armchairs would be a good start to the living room. I love the low profile and the crimson leather. They are designed by Gae Aulenti for Knoll and have an estimate of $2,000 - $3,000 at the next Wright 20 'Mass Modern' Auction July 10th.
 Doyle + Design (past auction)

These settees would be great. They are by Robert Haussmann (1931) and sold at the Doyle + Design auction for $3,650.  

Doyle + Design (past auction)

 I have to anchor the room with a wonderful carpet, and picked this one because I bid on it for myself (unsuccessfully). It sold for $3,438. It would look great with the chairs with the reds in both. Now we need a coffee table.

 Wright Mass Modern Auction July 10th - Lot 138

This bench would make a wonderful coffee table and keep the color light in the room to offset the adrk settees and chairs. It's actually a bench designed by Shigeru Ban for Cappellini in 1999 and is made of cardboard and beech plywood. It's being offered at the upcoming Wright auction and has an estimate of $1,000 - $1,500.

Doyle + Design (past auction) - Le Corbusier

This is an absolute classic of modern design. It's a Le Corbusier LC-4 chaise longue from 1928. It sold at the Doyle + Design auction for $1,188. I would put this by the window as a place to rest and read. It's also such good design that it serves as a piece of art.

A room needs lamps.

Wright Mass Modern Auction July 10th - Lot 115

I love these red lamps from the Wright Mass Modern auction. They would add more color to the room and pick up the red from the carpet. Red and black is a very chic color scheme in a living room too! These were made in 1965 have an estimate of $200 - $300.

Finally, the lamps need end tables to sit on.

Stair Galleries (past auction)

I think these resin end tables would be very cool. They pick up the red, and I like that they are the same design but not matched in painted decor. They also inject additional color in to the room. The were designed by Gaetano Pesce for Zerodisegno and sold for $400 at a past Stair Galleries auction.

To keep connected with modern design happenings, check out a blog for LA Modern Auctions. Their next auction will be in October, and more on that later. 

Next time we'll tackle a dining room in Modern!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Upcoming Auctions June/July

Summer doesn't mean that the auction offerings slow down. Here's my pick of auctions coming up, and feel free to send in one's that you know of in your area.

Clarke Auction Galleries

The next auction at Clarke Auction Galleries in Larchmont, NY is June 28th at 6pm. It''s titled 'Antiques and Midcentury". The midcentury items look pretty interesting.

The chairs on the left are described as midcentury and seem a bargain with an estimate of $100 - $150 for the pair. The Borsani style sideboard on the right has an estimate of $600 - $900.

Christie's New York

The next Christie's Interiors sale in New York is July 22 and 23. This is the sale that has a lot of decorative items and prices that are more accessible to the average person. The catalogue is not up yet on the web site.

If you're nostalgic for the 1950's version of the American West, the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum Collection sale may be just the auction for you. Roy's first boot have a modest estimate of $3,000 - $4,000!

Christie's Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Sale July 14/15 - Lot 5

Copake Auction, Copake NY

The next unreserved estate sale auction at Copake is July 24th. Always good bargains to be found, particularly if Americana is your thing.They also have usually a good selection of decorative items. This tray table looks rather nice. No estimates are up yet.

Copake Auction July 24th

Doyle New York has a Doyle@Home auction July 22. This is the decorative sale of lesser priced items. Almost always good finds. The on-line catalogue is not posted as yet.

I recently saw an ad for this auction house, which bills itself as the New Jersey alternative to New York auction houses. It looks like they have some interesting offerings. Their next sale of Furniture and Decorative Arts is July 15 and 16. These chairs from their last sale look pretty cool and sold for $654. 

Dawson and Nye, Montclair, NJ

 New Orleans Auctions

The next New Orleans auction will be held July 17th and 18th and has a good selection of antiques. They are happy to provide condition reports.

Stair Galleries, Hudson, NY

The next auction at Stair is scheduled for July 24th and will be of American, English, and Continental Furniture and Decoration. We went to the Stair auction that was held June 26th, and not only was it fun to go, but many items went within or below the estimate ranges. We noticed a fair amount of phone and internet bidding, which might be a good alternative to an absentee bid if you can't attend in person. That way you can be opportunistic if something interesting comes up. 

The next auction at Wright 21 is July 10th and is titled Mass Modern. Always cool modern offerings at Wright. 

Wright 21 Mass Modern sale July 10th

Have some fun checking out the on-line catalogues and see if something catches your eye this July.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Stairways to heaven

When I mention the word 'ladder' you will probably immediately think of something quite utilitarian. Something to climb to get to a high place. But ladders can be amazing and versatile decorative objects as well.

This is our living area in our Upstate NY house. We bought this Chinese ladder while living in London, and it just goes anywhere. It's red and leans against the wall looking very chic (as does our wonderful cat!).

I was inspired to write about ladders, in part, because the collection of Douglas S. Cramer and Hubert S. Bush that's being sold June 26th at Stair Galleries contains quite a few. I have to say that the owners had great taste, and I have rarely been to an auction preview with so many items that tempt.

 Stair Galleries - Lots 71 and 82

The ladder on the left above is shown displaying plants. I think that's a great way to use a ladder as a display shelf for objects as well as plants. This lot (71) is described just as a cast iron mounted pine ladder with an estimate of $250 - $450. The ladder on the right above (lot 82) is a Victorian pine library ladder and would also be great for displaying things. It has an estimate of $200 - $300. Both woods have lots of character and patina.

Stair Galleries Lot 63

For a different type of ladder, this library ladder is quite smart looking with the lions on the ends. This would not only be a good display piece, but could also be an extra seat in a room when you have a party. Another idea might be to use it in your guest bathroom to lay out the towels! This has an estimate of $250 - $450.

Doyle @Home Auction June 23rd

Finally, you occasionally find a chair and ladder combined that does it all! This Regency style mahogany metamorphic library chair is both seating and a ladder that can be used for display (or even to reach the high shelves of your library!). It had an estimate of $800 - $1,200 (lot 466).

A ladder can be a fun object for your home. Wait to find the right one that fits your space, or buy one that looks great that can be leaned up in a free wall area to be just a wonderful piece of decoration. At auction the prices are quite reasonable.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A stylish small office solution

Many of us squeeze our 'office' in to a room with multi-purposes since many homes don't have the luxury of space. That creates a challenge to control clutter, but we don't need to give up on style.

House Beautiful - Designer: Albert Hadley

This library designed by Albert Hadley creates an office area that would be a wonderful place to work, but where to put your stuff! I don't know about you, but I have files and papers that are active at any given point despite every effort to be paperless. 

Here is my office area in our house in Upstate New York. My solution for filing is a magazine rack at the lower left of the photo. While I didn't buy this particular magazine rack at auction (but I did buy the desk at Doyle New York!), I often see wonderful traditional magazine racks at auction at very good prices.

Stair Galleries June 26th Auction

We went to the preview of the Stair Galleries (Hudson, NY) upcoming auction scheduled for June 26th. The magazine rack above (lot 249) is described as Edwardian Mahogany with an estimate of $700 - $900. It would make an elegant file holder. 

Copake Auction  June 26th

Copake Auctions in Copkae New York also has an auction on June 26th and this magazine rack has an estimate of $200 - $300. Also a good option (and cheaper) for your files. Magazines are OK too!

Christie's Interiors Sale June 24/25 - Lot 845

Finally, the auction later this week at Christie's in New York has this example of what they call a George IV Rosewood Canterbury with an estimate of $1,500 - $2,000. 

These are just a few examples that let you retain style and control files at the same time no matter where you set up your office in your home.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Elegant Daybeds

There is something quite elegant about a daybed in a room. They might also be called chaise lounge or recamier, but whatever you call them, they invite lounging! I was inspired by two photos from Traditional Home.

Traditional Home - Designer: Charles Spada

Doesn't this marvelously inviting? You just want to curl up with a good book or magazine and lounge away the afternoon. 

Traditional Home - Designer: Charles Spada

Here is another lovely version in a bedroom. Perhaps not every home has room for a daybed, but if you do, they make very chic extra seating in a living room, or a great place to lounge (or put on your shoes) in a bedroom.

When I picked these photos I wondered what I would find at auction.

Stair Galleries - Lot 182 - Auction June 26th

The upcoming June 26th Stair Galleries auction of the collection of Douglas S. Cramer and Hubert S. Bush has this very smart example of a daybed. This could go almost anywhere. This is described as a Bierdermeier walnut daybed with an estimate of $1,000 - $2,000. 

Christie's Interiors Sale Lot 613

This Chinese version is really interesting. Definitely a talking piece in any room. Not sure how comfortable it would be, but who cares! This is in the upcoming June 24/25 Christie's Interiors sale. It's described as a Carved Hongmu Chaise-lounge with an estimate of $2,000 - $3,000. 
Wright 21 - Klini Chaise

This modern chaise sold at Wright 21 in Chicago for $9,375 (it did come with a cushion). It's a circa 1960 olive wood and leather chaise by T.H. Robsjohn-Gibbings. This strikes me as a wonderful style mix of traditionally inspired design in a modern piece of furniture. Wright 21 is a go to auction house for really good modern masters (with prices to match as one would expect). Great web site for inspiration.

If you have a great day bed in your home, send a photo and I'll see if we can post it.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Dogs everywhere!

People can be mad about dogs, and this goes for decorating as well. I was struck by the number of dog items in the upcoming Stair Galleries auction scheduled for June 26th at 11am. You can have dogs on the floor, on the mantle, on the wall, and in the garden.

Lot 1
If we start with the mantle, this Copeland tin glazed earthenware King Charles spaniel is estimated at $200 - $300.

Lot 25

Moving on to the floor, there is a pair of Chinese brass hound door stops with an estimate of $150 - $250. 

Lot 105

For your wall, you might go for a painting. This is European school and also a King Charles spaniel. Are we seeing a theme in this collection? The estimate for this lot is $200 - $300.

Lot 359

Finally, there is the garden, and these cast stone mastiffs. I think these are quite attractive. The estimate for the pair is $2,000 - $4,000. 

These are but a few examples from the auction. There are many more of each type. 

Are you mad for dogs in your decoration?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chinoiserie is always chic!

When we were in England last week we went to a number of National Trust properties in the South West county of Devon. I love English country house interiors and I was particularly inspired by the Chinoiserie interiors at Saltram in Plymouth.

Chinoiserie in England was particularly popularized by Thomas Chippendale, and Saltram is full of Chinoiserie influences. Not only are these chairs and the bed exuberant examples, but the wall paper is to die for. They had not one, but several rooms with wonderful Chinese wallpaper that is hundreds of years old.

In yet another room at Saltram, there is not only another wonderful Chinese wall paper, but also notice the mirrors with the Chinese paintings on them.

Chinoiserie remains a very chic decorating style. Elements will look great in interiors ranging from traditional to sleek modern.

House Beautiful - Decorator: Michael S. Smith

The decorator Michael S. Smith used these ancestor portraits as well as a pair of chinoiserie cabinets in this room.

Traditional Home - Decorator: Barclay Butera

This room has a wonderful chinoiserie secretary in a bamboo style, which makes it a bit less formal. The classic blue and white porcelain pot by the chair continues the Chinese accents.

You can almost always find Chinese (the real thing) or chinoiserie (Chinese influenced) items at auction to give your room the chinoiserie chic accents.

Stair Galleries Lot 185 

At the upcoming June 26th Stair Galleries auction this Chinese alter table is both rustic and chic. This would be terrific in a country or modern space. The estimate is $1,500 -$3,000. 

 Christie's Interiors Sale Lot 726

Chinese pieces often make great coffee tables.  We have one in our living room, along with some bamboo side tables. This painted and gilt lacquer low table is being offered at the Christie's Interiors sale scheduled for June 24 and 25 in New York. The estimate is $800 - $1,200.

The bargain sale is Copake Auction on June 26th at 5pm in Copake, NY. This is usually an Americana focussed offering but even here you can pick up some great chinoiserie finds.

The Chinese ancestor painting on the left above is estimated at $150 - $200 (lot 42). The Chinese cabinet (lot 50) on the right is estimated at $200 - $400. Great in a living room or bedroom.

Send in any chinoiserie examples you may have and we'll see if we can publish.

Monday, June 14, 2010

A foray to London Auctions

We've been in England this past week and just had to go back to some of our favorite auction haunts for inspiration.

Lots Road is full of finds and bargains (and some junk).  I found these two lots very interesting.

The objects above on the left are a pair of windows that someone put mirrored glass in to. They would be terrific in an area without windows to give the effect of a more open space. Or they would be wonderful graphic decoration behind a sofa. They sold for 1,600 British pounds ($2,360), which was over the high estimate of 1,000 British pounds. I guess a number of bidders thought they were worth it as well.

The six deco style chairs on the right above were in a very smart red leather with black wood trim. I thought they were a bargain with an estimate of 300 - 600 British pounds ($440 - $880). They didn't sell which usually mean that their was a minimum reserve that wasn't met.

We also went to the Christie's Interiors auction review in South Kensington. We always find the equivalent auction in New York offering very good decorative items. They had a number of round tables, which are great in entrance hallways (if you have one big enough) or if you space is on the small side, they make good dining tables (see blog posting of May 21st).

This Regency rosewood  table sold for well above the estimate which was 800 - 1,200 British pounds. It sold for the equivalent of $4,720.

My favorite find, however, is this one. I have never run in to this before and doubt I will again. 

If you haven't guessed yet, this is a Vampire killing kit! Not sure what you do with it exactly unless you have a haunted house. Amazingly, this sold for $8,700, off an estimate of $1,900 - $2,700.

If you have any interesting and/or strange auction finds, send them in!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Trunks as Usable Decoration

Trunks are often used as coffee tables, and come in many styles. There's the vintage Louis Vuitton steamer trunks, and the Chinese lacquer version. They also add extra storage. We use ours for travel maps that we've collected for places we hope to go back to.

NY Spaces

This is a great example of the classic Chinese trunk used as a stylish coffee table. 

Veranda - Designers: Michael and Alexandra Misczynski

In this modern California home a 17th century truck has been placed at the end of the bed. It's a wonderfully rustic piece adding character to a spare room.

 House Beautiful - Designer: Ken Fulk

Vintage Louis Vuitton trunks and suit cases are very collectible, and can be used in any number of ways. A trunk could serve as a coffee table, and in this case two suit cases make an interesting bed side table. 

Doyle New York

These two Louis Vuitton suitcases fit the bill. They sold at an auction earlier this year at Dyle New York for $1,188 (inclusive of buyers premium).
Doyle New York

This wonderful Indian polychrome painted wood chest sold for an amazing $188 at a Doyle @Home auction! It's estimate had been $400 - $600. I think this would make a wonderful coffee table or that trunk at the end of the bed. Doyle has another Doyle @Home auction coming up June 24th so check out their on-line catalogue when it's available later this month.
Christie's Lot 498 June 24/25 Auction

This is an 19th century English Oak Coffer. It's probably a bit big for a coffee table, but would be great at the end of the bed or just as a decorative piece along a wall with some objects displayed on top, and, of course, more storage!

Trucks or chests make great decoration and are so very utilitarian as well. Please share your trunk example.
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