Friday, May 21, 2010

Small Dining Solutions at Auction

For apartment dwellers space is usually a challenge. A dining area is often some sort of compromise between choosing a dedicated area or room, or a space that serves double duty. In modern spaces, there is often one family room that is lounging and dining room all in one.

So small tables are often called for, and at auction you will find a regular selection of lovely 'breakfast' or 'pembroke' tables that can easily be moved around a space and positioned when needed for dining.

Many breakfast tables are round or oval, which are wonderful for conversation.

Elle Decor - Designer: Jeffrey Billhuber

This seating around this round table is eclectic and relaxed. 
Elle Decor - Designer: Victoria Borus

This is a lovely small table in the dining room or Aerin Lauder's East Hampton home. It looks like it sit four easily and she can probably add two more chairs to seat six. The blue walls are great too!

House Beautiful - Designer: Miles Redd

This table in a library is a great example of a multipurpose room, which makes so much sense in the modern age. How many formal dining rooms sit empty for so many months of the year. 

Stair Auction May 21st Lot 375A

I love this Biedermeier walnut and black lacquer table. It's estimate range is $500 - $700. This would make a lovely small dining table. The legs make it tough to sit more than 4, but it could serve double duty in an entrance hall or living area. 

These two tables are good examples of 'pembroke' style. They are often used behind sofas, but in this case they make good dining tables in small places particularly because of their drop leaves. I could see them in the library photo above. The Regency mahogany table on the left is from the upcoming New Orleans Auction May 21 - 23 (Lot 876 - est. $1,000 - $1,500). The mahogany table on the right is from the June 14th Clarke Auction. The pedestal leg makes it even easier to fit more chairs around the table and could easily sit six (estimate $200 - $300).

This lovely Regency mahogany breakfast table went unsold at the Doyle auction May 19th. The estimate was $700 - $1,000 so they must not have gotten the bids to reach a reserve minimum. This would comfortably sit four to six and squeeze in to a living area, or even a large kitchen if you are blessed with one.

Most of us are looking for more space in our home, so a nice small dining table in a double duty room is a perfect solution. Auctions are a great place to find them!

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