Friday, May 14, 2010

'Furnishing' Outdoor Rooms at Auction (2)

It's been cold here in New York this last week, and this only gets me thinking about the warm weather returning that much more.

Auctions are great places to find unique and beautiful furniture and decoration to create your outdoor room in your porch, garden patio, or terrace. The auctions this time of year usually have a good selection of urns, metal furniture, and statues of all sorts perfect for decorating your outdoor room.
House Beautiful: Designer: Ty Larkins

This lovely garden terrace is punctuated by classical pieces such as the fountain in the foreground and the other in the rear.

At the recent Stair Galleries auction they had a good selection of garden ornaments. 

This statue would provide instant classic to any outdoor room. It's 5 feet tall and is appropriately named 'Summer'. It sold for $750.

These oak jardinieres would create wonderful borders for a patio space planted with flowers and greenery. They are 5 feet long and sold for $1,900. 
New Orleans Auction - Lot 650

The upcoming New Orleans Auction has some very nice garden ornaments. This putto would serve as both statue and fountain! The flutes are both fitted for water. This is cast zinc and is 32" tall, ca 1900. The estimate is $300 - $500. 

House Beautiful

This photo from House Beautiful has two wonderful elements. The clock face is a focal point over a wonderful iron table. Decorating an outdoor room like an indoor room with the same planning around furniture and wall decoration is what makes it an 'outdoor room', and not just an outdoor place to sit. 
New Orleans Lot 442

This Empire style iron table has very decorative heads and feet and a beautifully inlaid marble top. This would be a perfect outdoor room focal point along a wall. Top it with candles or flowers. The estimate on this is $400 - $700. 

House Beautiful - Designer: Fern Santini

This indoor 'outdoor' room uses a grate as a decorative focal point. One sees these at auctions fairly regularly (in fact we bought a set of four a few months ago).
Copake Auction - Lot 409

This example from the upcoming Copake Auction sale this weekend are estimate at $50 - $100 for the pair. 

This is the season to update your patio or terrace and think about decorating it as you would your family room. Auctions will provide lots of opportunity to add unique pieces.

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