Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Winning and losing at auction

I'm pretty pleased. I got something I really wanted at the Doyle + Design auction today. I bid on three things for our new house. The results were very interesting. First let's start with the items on which I wasn't successful.

This rug was in great shape. Unlike a lot of rugs at auction, it had no wear that I could see, and I can only guess it's been on a wall, as it was shown in the sale room. The estimate was $500 - $700 and we bid what we thought was well above the top range. However, that just wasn't enough. It sold for $2,750 before the buyers premium (total of $3,438).

These chairs were very cool art deco style veneer with leather upholstery. They were in great shape with only minor dings to the wood. I sat in them and they didn't wobble at all, which is often the case. The estimate was $300 - $500, which I thought was a bargain. We bid above the range, but they sold for $2,000 ($2,500 with the premium). I still think that's a good price, and you would pay much more at retail.

Finally, the piece on which I was a successful bidder. I got a desk for my office in our new house. I did some research before bidding. I went to ABC Carpet and Home, Restoration Hardware, and a shop in Hudson, NY - Lili and Loo. I found several desks to consider with prices between $1,200 and $2,500. So, when I went to look at the desk at Doyle I had something to compare in terms of style, quality, and price.

The desk is Danish late 20th century. It's made of rosewood and is in very good condition. It's the style I was looking for, which is a mid-century modern. The estimate was $500 - $700, and we absentee bid $1,400, which is what we got it for. It will be perfect in my loft office. Now I just need a chair!

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