Saturday, April 3, 2010

Decorating with Rugs from Auctions

A beautiful and/or interesting rug is often the basis for decorating a room. Many decorators will tell you that everything starts with the rug and then the color scheme goes from there. I don't particularly ascribe to that, but then again I'm not a professional decorator.

Rugs can be modern or old, but they should have some interest. They add warmth to any room: a small one in an entrance hall or a kitchen, or a large one to define a space in a living or dining room.  It's worth the investment.

We've been very lucky at auction, and I think I can say with confidence that it's much cheaper than buying retail. Also, when was the last time you went to a rug store and had the daunting task of wading through 100s of rugs and never even find one you like!

Decorator: Lori Dennis

Here a classic oriental mixes very well with a modern interior design. The chairs pick up the red in the carpet, and it serves as nice contrast to the white sofa.

Elle Decor Nov. 2008 - Designer: Michael Smith

Traditional living rooms will almost always have an oriental carpet setting the tone. In this photo I like the way the yellow sofas stand out from the carpet. 

Architectural Digest June 2005 - Designer: Suzanne Lovell

This living room has a relaxed country feel to it and the carpet complements it. The red is further picked up in the wall decorations.

We have had good luck buying carpets at auction, and have never paid that much. We've been 'opportunistic' about it, so we have missed out on some along the way.

Stair Galleries Lot 249 April 9 Auction

This Persian Carpet being sold at Stair Galleries is estimated at $500 - $700 and is 15ft 8" by 9ft 1", so a big carpet for the money. 

New Orleans Auction

This carpet was in the recent New Orleans Auction sale and sold for $1,560. It is described as an 
8' x 10' Agra Serapi carpet. I love the design and the colors. There is a lot in this carpet to build a room's color scheme around. 

For something quite different here is a modern example from the upcoming Doyle + Design auction being held April 20th.

Doyle + Design 

This is described as a 20th century design carpet and measures 7' 9" x 6' 8" and is estimated at $500 - $700. This would be a bold statement in any room, but very interesting. I think it would be comfortable in a traditional to modern style room.

One tricky thing about buying carpets at auction is that you really have to see it in person. We have been attracted to offerings in the on-line catalogue only to be very disappointed in person.

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  1. I want that modern carpet at Doyle's. Bid high!


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