Monday, April 12, 2010

Postscript to Stair Auction Bids of April 9

Well, we didn't get anything at the Stair auction with our absentee bids! Very disappointing, but in looking at the results we may have had better luck if we could have attended.We were pretty close on many of the results, but then again who knows what would have happened in the sale room.

We bid absentee $225 for this mirror and it sold for $325. Bargain for a very nice mirror.

The Venetian style mirror was another story.

We bid 'high' for us on this one at $550 (estimate range was to $400), but it went for $1,100. We wouldn't have gone that high. It's nice, but not all that interesting for that amount.

There will be other auctions and we will bid again!

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