Friday, April 9, 2010

Seriously on an auction hunt

I've mentioned before that we're building a modern house. Well, we just bought the adjacent property which was mostly to preserve our view, but also will serve as the guest house that we wanted to build but was too expensive. Believe it or not in Upstate New York it's just cheaper to buy.

The house is a modest 1980's prefab and is getting a spruce up, but not major investment. It's currently having crown molding put in all the rooms and new paint to add some color. The mirrored sliding closet doors had to go (my painter called them 1970s trailer park!), and are being replaced with wood doors. For the outside we'll have the front door and shutters painted a bright deep blue to add some curb appeal. For decorating I plan to go back to my 'rules':
  • Decorate the walls - we have some artwork, but I will want to add some interesting mirrors.
  • Install window treatments - simple shades and inexpensive curtains will do. Pottery Barn and Smith and Noble are my go to sources.
  • Add rugs - the floors in the living room are nice wood, so some inexpensive orientals bought at auction will add color and interest.
I took these 'rules' with me to the preview for the Stair Galleries auction taking place tonight (going on as I write). It's an 'exposition' auction which means no reserves and I'm hoping for some bargains. We absentee bid on a number if items.

Tole Trompe L'Oeil Bucket - Est. $100 - $200

This bucket is just a very decorative object that could serve as a waste basket. We bid fairly low just to get it if there wasn't much interest.

We bid on these two mirrors (the photos don't show them very well). The one on the left is a Venetian style and a good size. It's simple mirrored and slightly distressed frame would be a good bedroom piece. It's estimate is $300 - $400. The one on the right is described as neoclassical style and is estimated at $75 - $125. We like it's decorative potential, but not too ornate, for our living room.

This Edwardian inlaid mahogany settee fits in to the 'hall chair' category (see previous blog posting). It looks great and is not very comfortable to sit in for any length of time. It's estimated at $200 - $500, which is a pretty big range. We'll see!

Finally, we bid on this rug described as Northwest Persian. It's about 5' x 7' and estimated at $100 - $200. It has great color, and while it's a bit worn it will add the interest we're looking for.

I'm planning on going to the Doyle New York American Furniture and Decorative Arts preview tomorrow (auction April 13th), and depending on what happens tonight at Stair Galleries I may be bidding again! What fun.

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