Saturday, September 4, 2010

The X Factor

I am always drawn to any piece of furniture with an X frame. Not sure why, but it seems so chic.

The classic is the stool.

An X frame stool is always chic. A little internet research tells me that the first drawings of X frame stools were in Greece and Egypt around 2,000 BC, so it's a style that lasts!

Homes and Gardens Magazine, UK

Here is another version of the stool used as focal point opposite the fireplace and to add a dash of color in an otherwise neutral room. 

Elle Decor - Designer: Ray Booth

Elle Decor - Designer: Steven Gambrel

As a table base, the X shape is a great design element, whether it's for dining or working.

You can find terrific X frame furniture at auction, and I will just give a few examples ranging from traditional to modern.

For modern and traditional versions of the stool here are two examples.

The stools on the left are mid-century iron and brass and sold at a Stair Galleries auction in Hudson, NY for $500 earlier this year. I had my eyes on these, but failed to make a bid. The example on the right was in a July Christie's Interiors sale. They are described as Louis XVI style. I like the shape of the frame, but would reupholster in something bright. They sold for $625.

These are as close to the original Greek style as it gets, but they are very modern. They sold earlier this year at a Wright auction in Chicago. These are designed by T.H. Robsjohn-Gibbings and they were made by Saridis in Athens. They were quite pricey at $6,875, but oh so chic. Love the hoofed feet.
Perhaps more down to earth is this American pine sawbuck table. very simple and would make a wonderful dining table or desk in a modern or traditional decorating style. This sold at a Stair Galleries auction for $475 earlier this year.

 Doyle + Design Auction - Sept. 28th - Lot 160

This smart looking Italian bar cart is coming up in the next Doyle + Design auction September 28th. It's 20th century and made of wood, brass and glass. Remember my blog Everyone NEEDS a Tea Cart. Well, this may be the one for you! It has an auction estimate of $400 - $600.

 New Orleans Auction - Sept. 11th and 12th - Lot 46

Ending on a traditional note, this Italian walnut Savonarola chair is being offered in the next New Orleans Auction with an estimate of $300 - $500. It's a bit medieval, but could be quite interesting. Mix it up!

If you get hooked on X, you'll start to see it everywhere. It's classic and modern at the same time. It seems we often return to the Greeks for inspiration.


  1. Hi Katherine: I did a town house in Florida for a family all with x's and o's. It was a fun reference to oxymoronic family love, and looked wonderful!


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