Monday, September 13, 2010

Inspiring rooms and recreating the look at auction

I've been keeping some photos I like of rooms that make me feel good. Not always sure why, but I'm sure you've looked through a magazine and something just clicked for you.

I love the classic bench with a backdrop of the graphic modern painting, also echoed in the cushions. There's something about the soft gold of the bench upholstery and frame against the black and white. Classic and modern mix again!

This room by Sheila Bridges has that Scandinavian influence with the light colored wood frame classic furniture, but with an overall fresh feeling. A more modern coffee table and lamps break the decor from feeling too all of one period.

This living room by Pappas - Miron Interior Design again mixes modern art work with a classic day bed. The day bed is quite a stylish look, but may not be as comfortable as a couch. The lamps repeat the blue in the big graphic painting and add a nice contrast to the warm beige upholstery, orange pillows and yellow patterned rug.

As always, can we see if we can re-create some of these looks at upcoming auctions?

I think this adorable Italian Walnut bench is a good option for beginning the look in the Landon Collis photo. It has a lovely wood color and the lyre like decoration in the frame adds interest. This has an auction estimate of $400 - $600. Now we need a big graphic painting behind it. 

Christie's Interiors Sale - Lot 2

This painting by a French artist, Christian Perrais, would be a great backdrop behind the bench and bring lots of color options to the room. Pick one color and build from that with lamps and cushions. It's 62" x 96", so big enough to make an impact. It has an auction estimate of $1,500 - $2,000.

For the Sheila Bridges look you might check out my blog Scandinavian Style at Auction, and add this wonderful piece. 

Christie's Interiors - Lot 679

In the Sheila Bridges room there is a tall cabinet in the back corner. It fills a space elegantly, and this piece would do the same, but with even more warmth given the color of the wood. This is described as a 19th century Northern European parcel-ebonized burr birch semanier (a tall thin chest). It has an auction estimate of $700 - $900.

I guess if I see a theme in my room photos, it's the big paintings. The two abstracts set the tone and colors for the rooms, and could easily be paired with simpler sofas and chairs. Just add great lamps and colored cushions. Maybe it's a great graphic painting that should be the 'investment' to re-create the looks.

I like this painting by Willy Heeks painted in 1984 offered in the Doyle New York sale at the end of the month. Abstract paintings just need to hit you, and this one does it for me! It's a nice big 36" x 30" and you could easily build on the colors. I would use the green and red. It has an auction estimate of $1,500 - $2,500. 

Pappas - Miron use a glass topped coffee table, and here is a bargain. 

Copake Auction in Copake, NY always has bargains on offer. This glass topped coffee table has a very decorative base, and has an auction estimate of $100 - $200! It probably will cost that to ship it (which they can arrange), but still cheaper than buying new, and more interesting looking than most.

Finally, we need a dramatic pair of lamps. I had hoped for a colored porcelain, but I think these will do very nicely. 

These lamps are a real statement. Graphic and a wonderful 31.5" tall. They are made of ebonized wood and brass, and have an auction estimate at the Doyle + Design sale of $500 - $700.

I'm sure many of you have a file of magazine tear outs of rooms that inspire you ( I do!). Take a look through your file and see what themes you can find. Then consider the auction options to start to build the room that will inspire you when you come home.

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