Thursday, September 16, 2010

Auction decorating from the 'trade'

Commercial and industrial pieces are increasingly being re-purposed for decorating. These can be vintage trade signs, commercial displays, or work tables re-purposed for your home. They bring a fun decorating element into a room, and a bit of the unexpected.

I was drawn to these vintage commercial displays at Stair Galleries in Hudson, NY that are part of their next auction September 25th and 26th. They're colorful and fun. They got me looking around for more ideas.

This fabulous French brass and iron baker's rack would make a terrific display case or book shelf. It's included in the next St. Charles Gallery auction (New Orleans) Sept. 25th and 26th. It's 83.5"tall  x 73" wide. The scroll work is wonderful. It has an auction estimate of $800 - $1,200.

Advertising signs make wonderful wall art at very reasonable prices. 

Copake Auction in Copake, NY includes this cigarette sign (17" x 26.5") in their Sept. 25th auction. Not only are they graphic, the slogans can be a bit quaint. The tin sign of cows on the right is in the Stair Galleries auction, Lot 840 (28" x 20"). Farm animals are quite cute, I think! This sign has an estimate of $100 - $200. If you've been a bit nervous to make an absentee bid on a piece of art, these might be in the lowest risk category.

Old trade signs are always interesting and make great wall art. The locksmith's sign on the left is included in the Copake auction (Lot 92) with an estimate of $200 - $300. The farrier (horse shoeing) sign on the right is included in the Stair Galleries auction (Lot 788) with an estimate of $400 - $800. Anything horsey is always desirable.

Stair Galleries - Lot 820

This papier mache advertising model is adorable. It stands 17" tall and is 31" long. I can see this peeking out from a corner in any room. It has an auction estimate of $700 - $900 in the Stair Galleries auction.

St. Charles Gallery - Lot 1214

Finally, for an unexpected end table try this Coca-Cola cooler. This would be fun in a family room or kid's bedroom. This is being offered in the St. Charles Gallery auction in New Orleans with an estimate of $75 - $125.

In the spirit of adding an element of the unexpected to your decorating, try a piece from the 'trade'!

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