Monday, March 22, 2010

Design Inspirations

This weekend we went to the Doyle Asian Works of Art preview, and the Architectural Digest Home Design show at Pier 94. Both provided interesting inspiration, each quite different.

I have always liked Asian design for it's simplicity and sometimes even serenity. Josie Natori's apartment is an example of what is almost a Zen like design, but with comfort.

Elle Decor

The use of an Asian screen as the focal point and simple furniture like the coffee table give this room a calm comfort. 

The Doyle preview had some wonderful Asian pieces, most out of our price range. 

Doyle Asian Works of Art Auction March 22

The buddha head against the wood screen caught my eye, and would move easily into our new house (if I had the budget). We have a buddha that we bought in Thailand many years that gives me great peace to look at. We took very few things with us besides clothes when we moved to London, but buddha had to join us as well. 

Chinese furniture, like the piece in the photo on the left above, has such clean lines with the patina of the wood, the simple lines, and brass fixtures making the statement. This would fit in any style interior (except maybe Louis XIV!), and has the size to be a major decorative focus in the room. 

The Architectural Digest Home Design Show was entirely different, but fun in it's own way. Since we are building a house we are always quite interested in all the kitchen appliances, outdoor furniture, lighting, and room designs. 

There were many wood furniture makers, and we were intrigued by having the elusive coffee table for our new house made to order. We didn't find anyone that quite convinced us.

The light fixtures in this booth were really cool, and all made of hand blown glass. We are quite keen to have distinctive ceiling lights in our new house, and are always looking at interesting designs so that we'll know the right one when we see it. 

It's fun to go to shows for inspiration even with no intention to buy. It's all part of refining your style and knowing the right price for the perfect object when you see it.

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