Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Chairs as decorative objects

Chairs are usually for sitting in, but they don't always have to be! You may ask how can that be?

There is a long tradition of 'hall chairs' that were meant more as decoration than for sitting. In fact, I've heard that in a stately home the hall chair was meant to be rather uncomfortable, and the guest made to wait in one was being sent a message as to who was more important!

Homes and Gardens, UK
This classic English hall chair is serving in exactly that role. It's a focal point on the stair landing, but I doubt it will ever be sat on.

                   Homes and Gardens, UK
This hall chair is only slightly more comfortable, but it serves as a visual anchor to the console table, and looks like someone actually might find an occasion to sit in it to take off their shoes. Great place to leave the mail as well. Just don't let it stay there too long!

They can be very modern as well. 

        Metropolitan Home

 The chairs above make this foyer! They're not really positioned to be sat on, but they look great.

A really decorative hall chair might be exactly that - a focal point in the hall, maybe on either side of a console table. Or it could even serve as a side table in the bedroom. It might even serve as a chair to sit in, but not for too long! Every bedroom needs a chair to throw your clothes on, or somewhere to sit down and put on your shoes.

I've had this chair for years. It was a pass along from my mother. It's not for sitting on for any length of time, but is great in a corner for decoration or for throwing my coat on when I get home. It doesn't have a home at the moment, but will go in to the next house we're building.

At Doyle they've had some nice examples recently. I thought these Art Nouveau chairs were wonderful.

Doyle: Art Nouveau. Sold for $625 

The chairs below are a slightly more comfortable version that are very decorative and would look great on either side of a table, or in a hallway.
Doyle @ Home sale March 10th Est. $400 - $600   Neoclassical style chairs  

For the price of this type of chair at auction, you can dress up a hall or bedroom, and have some place to throw down your mail or coat as well!


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