Monday, January 25, 2010

The visit to Doyle's auction preview for January 27th

We visited the current preview at Doyle's for a sale January 27th. They had a range of items from paintings to decorative objects. We saw lots of interesting things and some gave a bit of a chuckle.

We liked some of the paintings and considered bidding on an 18th/19th century portrait of a man in a red coat with an estimate range of $300 - $500.  We decided not to because we just didn't love it enough and the walls are getting full! Something else might have to be displaced and that's a bigger decision than just a purchase.

A couple of items in the section called the 'Well Appointed Room' were interesting in the 'not sure what I'd do with that' sort of way. This salamander was one of pair and some 3 feet tall.

There was also a pair of desks that are about as unusual as I've seen. They were called late 19th century 'renaissance revival' writing desks for a wopping estimate of  $20,000 - $30,000. They would certainly be conversation pieces!

The show was very interesting and had lots of pieces that if we 'needed' something we would have been tempted.

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