Friday, January 29, 2010

London: Lots Road Auctions

We're in London for a few days and today went back to an old haunt, Lots Road Auctions. Lots Road is off Kings Road a fair ways down from Sloane Square, but in a good area for browsing antiques and decorative furniture and lighting stores.


Our second apartment in London was unfurnished, and Lots Road benefited from our frequent patronage! We found a brand new George Smith sofa (with the label on) for a fraction of the retail price, and a range of antiques and modern furniture for great prices. We also bought quite a few rugs with our future house in mind at great prices.

Lots Road is a mixed bag of good finds and the tacky. One also needs to be a bit careful in the 'antiques' section, but we always bought what we liked and not for an investment. We bought a few modern pieces for new house, and when we went today they had the same chairs. We figure a retailer is unloading them a pair at a time. But we also saw them in a decorator's store window for about three times what we paid for them. 

These might fall in the tacky category, even at 200 to 400 pounds (1 pound = $1.6).

 I think this chandelier falls in to the bargain category at an estimate range of 200 to 300 pounds ($320 to $480). Most chandeliers I've priced in the US are much more than this. 

 Of course we made an outing of our visit and went across the street to Lots Road Pub for lunch. It's a 'gastro pub' which means that they focus on the food and it's quite good. It doesn't even have much of a bar crowd. We made a reservation and were glad that we did because they were packed for Friday lunch. 

This photo was taken before the crowds arrived.

We miss Lots Road Auctions now that we're back in New York. We haven't (yet) found an auction house that has the bargains at this does. It's fun to visit again, however, as we did today.

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