Friday, January 22, 2010

Decorating with Auction Finds

I did call this blog “Auction Decorating’, so thought the second installment should be about how I’ve used auction finds in my NY apartment. I have a very traditional apartment, and have on occasion used the help of a decorator. We collect contemporary art as well, and will be furnishing a second home in a more mid-century inspired look.

This mirror we got at a Doyle’s ‘At Home’ auction. This is usually stocked with decorative items rather than good antiques. This is one mirror of a pair and belonged to a well know decorator. We love it because we haven’t see the blue in many venetian mirrors and feel like we got a one of a kind piece at a very good price.

We got this mirror at Bonham’s while living in London. It’s a George III mirror and something we’ve always wanted. We looked for one at many auctions and in stores, and knew that this was the one when we saw it. We got it well within the price estimate range, and after so much looking we feel it was a good price and certainly less than retail. Shipping it home was not cheap, and we were anxious that it would make it, but here it is and in perfect condition.

Both mirrors we bought via an absentee bid, and got them both for slightly less than we put in.

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