Monday, January 24, 2011

Design Inspirations: Winter Antiques Show, New York

The Winter Antiques Show is going on in New York now through January 30th. We visited the show this last weekend, and as always enjoy looking at what for us is mostly 'a museum with price tags'. The displays are full of inspiration, and get me thinking about what one could find at auction that is a close approximation.

In the 'Designing with Antiques' display at the show, decorators designed a room using antiques. This bedroom display features a wonderful art deco dresser, as well as a garden bench at the foot of the bed. This reminds me of my last post Bringing the garden inside in style!

I was quite interested in this tramp art cabinet. Tramp art is not something that's been on my radar, but I did bid on a tramp art mirror at the last Copake Auction. This cabinet is late 19th century and had a price tag of over $500,000!! Something worth learning more about in case I see a tramp art item at a future auction.

I loved this tramp art frame that was offered at the New Year's Day Copake auction in Copake, NY. I bid and lost. It was 49" tall, and had an auction estimate of $50 - $100,. It sold for $400. 

This tramp art frame was also in the same auction with an auction estimate of $50 - $75. It measured 17" x 21" and sold for $120.

Back to the Winter Antiques Show, this rustic multi-drawer cabinet was in one of the dealer booths. I love it's simplicity, and pale blue paint. Hanging it on the wall like this made it a work of art, and the addition of the doll was a cute touch!

This 19th century apothecary with it's original paint is a very close cousin to the one at the Antiques show. This measures 60" x 26", and sold at the Copake auction for $2,000, off an auction estimate of $700 - $1,000. Clearly someone had the creative vision to make this great display piece like the dealer at the show.

Add to the tableau a wonderful horse painting, and we have a similar display. This painting by J. William Johnson, 1905, sold at a Doyle @ Home auction for $313.

Going to antique fairs make for fun outings, and are a great way to get inspiration and education. Check the price tags and engage the dealers. Next time you see something offered at auction you'll have a better idea of how the piece might fit in your home and how much to bid.

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