Monday, January 3, 2011

Add Chic Asian Style

In my list of things a decor must always include there will always be something Asian - a Chinese console table, a buddha, or a wonderful screen. This rule applies if your style is Gustavian, Georgian or mid-century modern. An Asian element is always chic.

Architectural Digest - Designer: Mario Buatta

The use of Chinese screens on either side of the window in this traditional living room designed by Mario Buatta add art and interest in a big way. 

Metropolitan Home - Designer: Shamir Shah

In this modern dining room a large Chinese ancestral portrait adds drama and color. 
In my traditionally decorated New York apartment, a pair of Chinese ancestral portraits draws the eye across the room to the back. My Thai monk statue (right) and Chinese coffee table are a style offset to the overall English style look.

Stair Galleries in Hudson, NY has an Asian and Ethnographic art sale January 15th. It includes a pair of Chinese ancestral portraits (one of which is shown) that measure 32.75" x 19.25". The lot has an auction estimate of $800 - $1,200.

Stair Galleries - Lot 98

I have always wanted a Chinese red lacquer cabinet like this one being offered in the Stair Galleries auction. This is Lot 98 and has an auction estimate of $600 - $800. It has such wonderful clean lines and would add a jolt of color. It would look great in a living room, and might even hide the TV!

The next sale at Brunk Auctions January 8th and 9th includes quite a few Asian pieces. I like the late 19th/early 20th century Chinese alter table in the top photo. The simple shape allows the carving on the leg struts to make the design statement. It would make a great entry table. Just add a wonderful vase with flowers and some family photos and you have an inviting entry. The table measures 40" x 50" x 17.5", and has an auction estimate of $500 - $1,000.

The chairs are also late 19th/early 20th century Chinese. They are yoke back chairs and have an auction estimate of $400 - $800 (Lot 0042). They work as decorative objects along a wall or even as chairs! Not terribly comfortable, but very chic.

Including a beautiful sculpture to your decor is a wonderful way to add interest. This fabulous 19th century Chinese head of Guanjin is 19" high and comes on a stand. It has such a serene expression I think it would be so calming to look at. This is included in the next Bonhams auction in Los Angeles, and has an auction estimate of $800 - $1,200. 

Designer: Vincente Wolf

The addition of antique Chinese chairs to this modern kitchen design by Vincente Wolf makes it more interesting than if the furniture was solely modern.

Include just one Asian element to your decor for an added touch of chic!

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  1. Its amazing how long this style of Chinese red lacquer cabinet has remained popular especially with the designer crowd. In Chinese they are called "tai yang gui" or basically "Sun cabinets." This is because the large round brass hardware resembles a sun. The antique ones usually came from around Zhejiang province (which is near Shanghai) though not exclusively. Antique or reproduction, they always look good. I have seem some really nice ones new clean lacquer finishes (bright colors etc) which look awesome.


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