Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Adding architecture to your decor 'at auction'

Some of us live in architecturally sparse spaces by design, and others just because that was the hand we were dealt in finding our home. You can, of course, add architectural interest with moldings or other architectural elements, and there are always mantles! (Remember No fireplace? Buy a mantle!). There are wonderful finds at auction that can add an architectural flair without hiring an architect or contractor for a major installation.

From Room Lust blog - Designers: Bill Brockschmidt and Courtney Coleman

I love the look of columns. They define a space and even sometimes have a real function of holding up the ceiling - but not necessarily!

This smart but simple pair of neoclassical style oak columns sold at a St. Charles Gallery auction for $399.75 this past Summer. They are 64" tall and would add wonderful architectural interest to a room. I see them on either side of a sofa on the outside of the end tables. 

Both of these pairs of columns sold at the recent Doyle@Home auction in New York. The ones above left are a bit more decorated that the oak ones above, and quite attractive. They are described as neoclassical style painted and parcel gilt wood, and the pair sold for $1,250. They are 63" tall, and would be terrific in a modern loft, or a traditional decor crying out for some architectural detail.

I also love the ones on the right which are described as neoclassical fruitwood. They are 10 feet tall! Thus, not every space could fit them, but that may explain the sale price of $438.

Elle Decor - Designers: Stephen Sills and James Huniford

Columns add an elegance to a space, as this marble one does in the Bedford, NY estate of Stephen Sills and James Huniford. 
You can add your own columns for that bit of extra architectural interest. Try them in an entry, a living room, or dining room. Or use them to divide and define spaces. They could be free floating in a very large loft like room. They would also add an illusion of ceiling height which many contemporary homes lack. You will immediately get the feeling of your room being just a bit more dressed up!

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