Thursday, July 8, 2010

Modern Inspirations

My latest blogs on modern decorating have me looking for further inspiration. Knowing what you like is critical to spotting the piece you might bid on at an auction.

These three photos are from the architectural firm A + C (Architecture + Construction) based in New York City. These are from their portfolio of residential projects. I like the mix of deco to 21st century styles, including the lighting. They have just enough unusual pieces to make the spaces individual. Sometimes modern decorating can include a bit too many predictable designs.

At upcoming auctions there are some pieces that could add that individual stamp on your modern decorating scheme.

A go-to auction house for modern is Wright 20 in Chicago. I've already highlighted a number of pieces from the Wright Mass Modern auction scheduled for July 10th in my Decorating Modern blogs, but there is more!
Wright 21 - Lot 142

I love this lounge chair and ottomon. It's not completely predictable, and I love the curved legs. It's described as "in the manner of Milo Buaghman' and is vinyl and chrome plated steel. It was made circa 1970 and has an estimate of $3,000 - $5,000. This would be great in any room, but I would want this as a focal point in my living area. 

New Orleans Auction - Lot 964

This really cool drinks trolley is coming up in the New Orleans Auction July 17th and 18th. This is described at mid-20th century and is made of brushed steel. It has an estimate of $500 - $800. Trolleys are so versatile - use it for drinks, put your TV on it, use it for display, or just put a wonderful vase with flowers on top. New Orleans is generally a good source for more traditional antiques, but this piece shows that you can't always predict what will be in an auction. Check them all out!

Christie's Interiors sale - Lot 522

I found several items in the Christie's NY Interiors sale scheduled for July 22nd and 23rd. This chrome and metal upholstered stool is a wonderful piece. It's simple but also more interesting than most stools I've seen because of the shape of the base. Stools can be used almost anywhere. Use it for extra seating, or just a place to put things. The estimate on this is $600 - $800.

Christie's Interiors - Lot 815

These deco style console tables are made of rosewood. The shape and the wood make them really interesting. They are simply described as 'modern' and have an estimate of $1,500 - $2,000. These would look great in an entry hall, a dining room, or even a library. I could see some books on the shelves and a vase of flowers on top. 

Dawson & Nye - Lot 593

Dawson and Nye is in New Jersey, and bills itself as an alternative to NY auction houses. Their next auction is July 15th and 16th, and mostly has traditional pieces, but scouring the catalogue I found this leather and steel stool. Quite interesting and cheap! It's estimate is $150 - $200. This would be a very nice decorating addition, and they take absentee bids!

If you are looking to build on your modern aesthetic try picking up a piece of two at an upcoming auction, but make it an interesting one!

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