Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Industrial Chic

I'll bet you've noticed that there's more and more use of former industrial and commercial pieces in decorating. I've seen all sorts of re-uses showing up in decorators and antiques shops - wheels turned in to tables, shovels turned in to wall decor...

I picked a few photos from Flikr that tell the story, then we just need to see what we can find at auction.

Decorating with industrial or commercial pieces may stretch your imagination sometimes, or it may require some re-work from a crafts person to make it useful.  But this could be a great creative outlet! Certainly antiques dealers seem to be on to something.

Copake Auction July 24th - Lot 48

Wouldn't this vintage French Coco-cola cooler make a terrific credenza in a living room or entry? This is included in the Copake Auction July 24th in Copake, NY. It has an estimate of $200 - $300. 

Copake Auction Lot 316

This is a wonderful eyeglass store sign included in the same Copake Auction. It would make great wall decor. It's 34" long and has an estimate of $100 - $200. 

Stair Galleries Auction July 24th - Lot 506

I would use this set of iron door handles from the Reliance Building in Chicago as wall decoration lined up exactly as they're shown. These have an estimate of $30 - $50 at the Stair Galleries auction July 24th. 

Doyle @Home Auction July 22nd - Lot 96

This Barrister's bookcase adds a twist to the usual book shelf. It's included in the Doyle@Home auction in New York on July 22nd. It has an estimate of $200 - $300.

Sold at Stair Galleries for $175

Finally to re-create the photo look above, this zinc bath tub sold at a Stair Galleries auction earlier this year for $175! Bargain. 

Finding industrial chic pieces at auction takes a bit of looking. You might also check out salvage places for more selection. It's still worth checking out the on-line catalogues for potential bargains.


  1. We would love the zinc bath tub to put in the garden!! In these temperatures, I'd fill it with cold water and lay in it!!

  2. Agree! It would make a great garden object.


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