Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Small entryway solution - 'at auction'!

I went to an auction preview for the next Stair Galleries auction in Hudson, NY. Lots of fun furniture to look at, but I was immediately taken by the perfect solution for a small entryway - an all in one console table, mirror, and even hooks and umbrella stand. Now there is no excuse!

This is actually a pace chrome-plated vanity measuring 5 ft. 11 in. x 20 3/4 in. x 16 5/8 in (Lot 65). It has an auction estimate of $600-800. This would do the trick in a small entryway. It has a nice little 'console table', and a mirror, and for added fun it has bulb sockets all around.  This is in the vein of a 1930's Hollywood movie! You could put a wonderful ceramic pot on the floor for decoration to finish the look.

I have always liked this type of Art Deco style hammered steel hall tree This one is attributed to Edgar Brandt (Lot 35), and measures 6 ft 2 1/2 inches x 31 1/2 inches x 7 1/4 inches. The auction estimate is $300 - $600. For that you get a small table for mail, a mirror, hooks for hats and coats, and an umbrella stand. Who could ask for more! And it has wonderful decorative embellishments as well.  

Both photos from Pinterest

The trick with a small space is to create differentiation from the rest of the room or decor. An entryway is just the area by the door, and you can create a welcoming space with just one piece of furniture that multi-tasks. Then just add some art on the walls or a ceramic pot on the floor and you have a wonderful welcome home!

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