Friday, December 16, 2011

Rustic Rules 'at auction'

Every once in a while I am impressed by decor that dares to be rustic. You have to have a lot of self confidence and creativity to use furniture that looks little better than cast away stuff, and put it all together in a chic and comfortable style.

AD Espana - Home of Jacobo Valenti and Luis Sendino

In this AD Espana spread, the vacation home of Jacobo Valenti and Luis Sendino dares to be rustic. The trestle table in the top photo is made to look cool by the simple display of dramatic black and white photos and the Japanese-like floral display.

The middle picture is the one that first caught my eye. There are so many elements that take creativity to put together, but it works! Just look at the sofa, the side chairs on the left, the coffee table, and the chest against the wall. Each one is a bit shabby chic, and together they create a welcoming space.

In the bottom picture, the vintage sink looks great, and the old lights are mounted on the wooden grid, which makes it very architectural.

Auctions provide lots of opportunity for similar pieces, just requiring a creative eye.

Kamelot Auctions in Philadelphia often has auctions that include industrial and architectural salvage pieces.  I love the simplicity of this circa 1940 work table. It would make a great console table in an entryway if you have one that's big enough, or t would be a great work table in a kitchen. This sold for $600 off an auction estimate of $1,000 - $1,800.

This fabulous piece also sold at a Kamelot auction. This industrial table actually has a roller top, which make it that much more interesting. The X-form stretcher is very chic. This is circa 1910, and sold for $800 off an auction estimate of $800 - $1,200. 

This campaign style metal bed would make a very nice settee. Get a good mattress, and pile it high with big pillows, and you'd re-create the look in the second photo at the top. If you look carefully you will notice lovely decorative detail in the metal legs. This sold at a Copake Auction in Copake, NY for $25 off an auction estimate of $100 - $150.

For something a bit more refined, this rope bed also sold at a Copake auction. It's 19th century with tiger maple arms. I think it's very smart looking and would make a very chic settee - just add some pillows! This sold for $80 off an auction estimate of $50 - $100.

This circa 1910 trough style sink is pretty cool. You'd have to be a self confident decorator to use this, but once in place it would be lots of fun. It has multiple faucets across the top. This sold at a Kamelot auction for $475 off an auction estimate of $400 - $600.

I wanted to find a painted apothecary cabinet like the one in the middle photo at the top. This is not as long, but has that great rustic look that you can't recreate. This is a 19th century cabinet and sold at a Brunk Auction in Asheville, NC for $1,000 off an auction estimate of $400 - $600. The shabby chic paint is very desirable.

Picking up industrial and vintage pieces can make for a very comfortable relaxed look. It's fun if you can get some bargains too! Mix them with more vintage or with something more refined, and make your style stand out from the crowd!

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