Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cool Compact Desks

There are lots of rooms in the house that benefit from a desk. Of course, the home office or library must have one, but what about guest rooms or kitchens? It's always nice to have a place to write a note or sit and work at the laptop. Also, if you have children, you may want to keep an eye on their computer surfing while you cook!

Elle Decor - Designer: Alex Papachristidis

A French secretary with a fold down desk is always a stylish solution to fitting a desk in a living room or bedroom. In this living room designed by Alex Papachristidis, what could be a more elegant place to do some work on your laptop!

Designer: Phoebe Howard

In this East Hampton living room, Phoebe Howard tucked a desk away in the bay window. Wouldn't this be a lovely place to have coffee and read the paper on-line in the morning?

New Orleans Auction has their next auction July 30th and 31th. As always they have a beautiful selection of antiques, and here are a few compact desk options.

I love this George III fruitwood butlers chest (early 19th century). It hides a drop front secretary drawer that would serve as the desk. It's 36 inches wide. This is Lot 60, and has an auction estimate of $1,200 - $1,800.  This would be perfect in a guest room - there are drawers for clothes and a desk for a laptop.

I've always liked the idea of a roll top desk. Most are quite bulky, but not this one. This is a Regency mahogany desk (1st quarter 19th century), and it has drawers and cubby holes inside. It's only 36 inches wide, and would be lovely in the corner of a living room, a kitchen, or a guest room. This is Lot 183, and has an auction estimate of $1,200 - $1,800. 
You may ask, is this a desk? Well, it is, sort of. This is a Regency mahogany and brass lap desk, and would have been perfect to have while traveling for writing notes. This may not fit the bill for a laptop, but is wonderfully decorative, and nice for those who still write handwritten notes. Set it on a table, and it looks great closed as a decorative box. This is Lot 209. It has a green leather writing slope and compartments for bottles and pens. It's 20 inches wide and has an auction estimate of $500 - $800.

This desk would be more of an investment, but it's beautiful! This desk was designed by Gebruder Thonet in 1904 (Austrian). It has wonderful curves. This is called Lady Desk, model 2, and is made of lacquered beech, leather, and brass. It measures 38 inches wide, and sold at a Wright auction in Chicago for $7,500. This would be a wonderful spot to work in a library of living room. It's too pretty to hide away!

This lovely little French painted metal writing desk and chair sold at a Doyle New York auction for $1,875. This looks like a bargain to me for both pieces. The desk is 32 inches wide, and this would work well in a kitchen, or perhaps a young girl's bedroom.

I would argue that we all need multiple desks. I know my husband and I each have our own work spaces, as should children. And we always have a desk in our guest rooms. But there isn't always quite enough room, so a stylish compact desk may be just the answer! 

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