Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wicked wicker!

I have to say that I often think of wicker in the grand motherly sense. It seems very old fashioned in a fuddy duddy sort of way (BTW my husband doesn't agree!). But, I was taken by the wicker I saw today at the Stair Galleries auction preview in Hudson, NY. It came from an estate in Stockbridge, MA and there is a good sized collection of interesting wicker design.

 House Beautiful - Designer: Tom Scheerer

This house in Maine designed by Tom Scheerer illustrates the classic use of wicker in a Summer porch. very welcoming!

This is the lot that first caught my eye. The wicker design is so unusual and, daresay, I say chic! This is Lot 40 in the Stair Galleries auction June 10th. It has an auction estimate of $300 - $400. Instant patio room!

I love the wicker weave! This is a detail of one of the chairs in Lot 40.

This chair is included in a larger lot in the auction that is estimated at $200 - $300 for a number of other pieces. The peacock fan style back is wonderful.
 This is in the same lot as the one above. I think it has quite a sophisticated design.

This rocking chair is included in Lot 38 which has two rocking chairs, an armchair and two tables with an auction estimate of $300 - $600 for the group. This conjures up lazy Summer days on the porch watching the world go by!

Finally Lot 42 is another instant room for an estimate of $300 - $400 for the whole set of a sofa, two armchairs, three tables and a magazine rack! I could also see this in a child's room.

 From the blog Eclectic Revisited

Wicker is quite versatile in terms of design use. It can be used outside on a patio or porch, or inside in a casual room. It works in the bedroom, and would be a great way to furnish a child's room on a budget.  I like the idea of painting it black and getting some great cushions which would dress up the set.

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