Friday, June 18, 2010

Dogs everywhere!

People can be mad about dogs, and this goes for decorating as well. I was struck by the number of dog items in the upcoming Stair Galleries auction scheduled for June 26th at 11am. You can have dogs on the floor, on the mantle, on the wall, and in the garden.

Lot 1
If we start with the mantle, this Copeland tin glazed earthenware King Charles spaniel is estimated at $200 - $300.

Lot 25

Moving on to the floor, there is a pair of Chinese brass hound door stops with an estimate of $150 - $250. 

Lot 105

For your wall, you might go for a painting. This is European school and also a King Charles spaniel. Are we seeing a theme in this collection? The estimate for this lot is $200 - $300.

Lot 359

Finally, there is the garden, and these cast stone mastiffs. I think these are quite attractive. The estimate for the pair is $2,000 - $4,000. 

These are but a few examples from the auction. There are many more of each type. 

Are you mad for dogs in your decoration?

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